Kom ons help ‘n bietjie. Gay Uganda Genocide

Dear friends,

Uganda’s parliament is preparing to pass a brutal new law that would punish gay people with prison — even death.

Initial international criticism drove the President to call for a review. But after a well-funded and vicious lobbying effort by extremists, the bill looks set to be passed — threatening widespread persecution and bloodshed.

Opposition to the bill is rising, including from the Anglican church. Ugandan gay rights advocate Frank Mugisha writes, “This law will put us in serious danger. Please, sign the petition and tell others to stand with us – if there’s a huge global response, our government will see that Uganda will be internationally isolated by the proposed law, and strike it down.”

With the decision expected in days, only an irresistible wave of worldwide pressure will be enough to save Frank’s life and many others. Let’s build a huge petition to stop the gay death law — click here to take action, then forward this email:

The petition will be delivered to President Museveni, members of the review committee and Ugandan embassies worldwide this week before it’s too late, as well as to key donor governments.

The bill proposes life imprisonment for anyone convicted of having same-sex relations and imposes the death penalty for “serial offenders”. NGOs working to prevent the spread of HIV could be imprisoned for up to 7 years for “promoting homosexuality”. Even members of the public face up to three years in jail if they fail to report homosexual activity to the police within 24 hours!

The bill’s advocates claim that it defends national culture, but its strongest critics come from within Uganda. The Reverend Canon Gideon Byamugisha is one of many who’s written to us – he says,

“It is violating our cultures, traditions and religious values that teach against intolerance, injustice, hatred and violence. We need laws to protect people — not ones that will humiliate, ridicule, persecute and kill them en masse.”

By rejecting this dangerous bill and supporting the breadth of opposition to it, we can help set a crucial precedent. Let’s build massive support for Uganda’s human rights defenders, and save lives by stopping this bill — sign now here, then tell friends and family:

With hope and determination,

Alice, Ricken, Ben, Paul, Benjamin, Pascal, Raluca, Graziela and the whole Avaaz team


African letter to Ugandan President to throw out Anti-Homosexual Bill:

Ugandan church leader brands anti-gay bill “genocide”:

Human Rights Impact Assessment of Uganda’s Anti-homosexuality Bill By Sylvia Tamale, The Dean of Law at Uganda’s Makerere University:

19 Responses to “Kom ons help ‘n bietjie. Gay Uganda Genocide”

  1. 1 VerdantSF Februarie 12, 2010 om 7:31 nm

    Dit maak my hartseer en kwaad. Uganda se baie probleme het niks te doen met homoseksualiteit! Dankie vir die skakel.

    • 2 Flintie Februarie 12, 2010 om 7:41 nm

      Heya Verdant, LOL, ek dink ons moet jou comment mooi lees want ek dink iewers het jy ‘n fout gemaak. Uganda se huidiglike probleem het alles te doen met homoseksualiteit. Hulle wil mense doodmaak of toesluit omdat hulle in same sex realationships is.

  2. 3 VerdantSF Februarie 12, 2010 om 8:07 nm

    Whoops! Sorry for my mixed-up Afrikaans! I meant to say that it just shocks me that Uganda is making this such a big issue, when they have real problems that need to be tackled unrelated to homosexuality. It’s just so very sad.

    • 4 Flintie Februarie 12, 2010 om 8:15 nm

      Verdant, firstly, no matter how bad your mis ups in afrikaans might be, you spell better than me bru. That is the truth!! 😳

      Yes, they have no economy that would ever make a dent in the global field, they mess up the constitution that have, they have poverty, aids, premature deaths in babies, diseases like maleria, drought, you name it.

      I think they are trying ti justify another genocide-like situation. Why is that people always feel they need to discriminate against minority groups?

      We had this here in SA, was called “Apartheid”, but it was not the minority that was discriminated against, but the majority. It does not work like that, it’s wrong.

      Even I, a south African, feel that although the fight of race is coming to an end in my country, the gay community still fight for freedom. Yes they gave us marriage and all that. The problem is society. Women are raped , cause there are men who really believe this will change the women into a breeding machine…

      It’s a social problem, the problem about homosexuality.

  3. 7 Gatvol Februarie 12, 2010 om 8:29 nm

    Is dit nog nie 2010 in Uganda nie?. Dit klink soos iets uit die middeleeue. Baie skokkend.

  4. 9 Boernig Februarie 12, 2010 om 9:10 nm

    As ek kan help, dan help ek…

  5. 11 Smurfi Februarie 13, 2010 om 5:45 vm

    Lyk my hulle is mal daar in Uganda, dit is mos ongehoord om so iets te wil doen!! Dit lees regtig soos iets uit ‘n Hitler verhaal, kan mos nie toegelaat word nie! Dit lyk my hulle kan nie hulle werklike probleme oplos nie nou wil hulle onskuldige Gay mense vervolg, siek, siek, siek, mens het wragtig amper nie woorde nie dit slaan my stom. Ek gaan beslis teken daar.

  6. 15 Alta Februarie 14, 2010 om 5:27 vm

    My sign is gegooi Flintie!! Die bliksems!

  7. 17 Andrew Februarie 14, 2010 om 4:02 nm

    It’s uplifting to find at least one religious cleric that supports this petition, well done Reverend Canon Byamugisha. What we need next is a petition to have all anti-gay verses removed from the Torah, Bible and Koran.

  8. 18 Andrew Februarie 16, 2010 om 10:32 vm

    Currently 260,000 signatures and climbing fast.

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