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Pastor say:”God can’t accept you if you’re gay.”

This was what the local Pastor said to me, after I went to see him during this week. I have had a real intense want to meet with God, to find him and build a relationship with him. My issue was not with sexuality.

When did men start thinking that they know the heart of God? When did they receive that chip on their shoulders? I would have thought that the main concern would be to get me to the cross, let God decide if He wants me. I am getting married in less than a month to my partner of three years. I love him. I refuse to think that God would have made me gay, and expects me to live a life of celibacy for the rest of my days.

There may still be a few knowledgeable people who do not believe this, but practically all behavioral scientists now accept this statement as a fact. Down through history same-gender sex was universally considered to be acts by (heterosexual) people who had chosen to engage in perverted sex. Advances in the sciences, particularly psychology, in the last 100 years have shown that not all people are heterosexual; some are homosexual, and their homosexuality is an unchangeable nature, not a choice. Lees aan ‘Pastor say:”God can’t accept you if you’re gay.”’

Vind uit as ek iets nuuts kwytraak. Dit is natuurlik gratis.

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Dis wie ek is:

Ek is ‘n Afrikaner man, ek is gay, en ek is 29 jaar oud. Ek skryf die blog, om uiting te gee aan my taal en my kultuur, ten spyte van die feit dat baie mense dink n gay man is minder man. Ek is lief vir my land, my mense, my taal en ons kos. Ek is lief vir my God. Ek glo ek is wie ek is as gevolg van die oorloë van my voorvaders. My kultuur het my identiteit gevorm. Braaivleis is in my bloed, en ek kan net waarlik gelukkig wees onder die Afrika son.
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